The Colour of a Dog Running Away  (2005)





Set in the bohemian under-belly of Barcelona, this novel weaves between an urban thriller and a Gothic historical drama focusing on Catharism, a 13th-Century historical sect. Musician and translator Lucas has reformed his nomadic ways to settle in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Intrigued by some cryptic instructions on the back of an anonymous postcards, Lucas finds himself thrown into a love affair with the sophisticated Nuria. But his attraction is obsessive and vulnerable in turns: can we trust this man’s version of the story?

The Colour of a Dog Running Away was published by Parthian in the UK, Penguin Random House in the USA, and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Macedonian.

‘The best novel of the year.’ – Scott Pack, The Bookseller

‘Clever, stylish and supremely entertaining . . . this novel offers a feast of sophisticated pleasures and a taste of deeper passions too.’ Boyd Tonkin, The Independent.

‘An excellent read . . . cleverly written, dark and funny.’ The Scotsman.

‘At once an absurdist riddle, a romantic quest, and a love letter to our anti-hero’s chosen home, Gwyn’s witty and assured first novel is as much about the different ways you can tell a story as it is about the story itself.’    The New Yorker.

‘Full of good stuff . . . short measured sentences and dreamlike dialogue . . .Gwyn’s Barcelona is one of uncertainty and magic, filled with darkly comic characters both prophetic and pathetic. Every encounter and detail of city life, precisely and unhurriedly recorded, seems significant . . . ‘  Time Out

‘Evokes the exhilarating unpredictability of urban life. . . . Gwyn’s plot is humming.’    Washington Post

‘Gwyn leaves many of his mysteries veiled, while providing enough detail to avert readers from a head start. . . . Beautifully precise.’  Newsday

‘A delightful cornucopia of thriller trappings, history lessons, existential ruminations and cheeky asides. . . . Destined to be a cult classic.’  Philadelphia City Paper

‘Gwyn’s fiction debut showcases sure-footed versatility and care with language, the poet’s fingerprints on every word.’    The Oregonian

‘This novel can only be deemed “gloriously unclassifiable.” With a sumptuous Barcelona setting, ruminations on the nature of identity, a secret history, kidnapping, cults and unreliable storytelling, wrapped up in a prose style that packs at least 4 paragraphs into a single one, Gwyn’s debut is impossible to get out of your head and absolutely worth the time to read and unspool each new revelation. ‘   Sarah Weinman Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

 ‘A wild but entertaining ride through historic Barcelona . . . The writing is delicious.’   Deseret Morning News

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