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‘Terra Nostra’ by Carlos Fuentes

Incredible the first animal that dreamed of another animal. Monstrous the first vertebrate that succeeded in standing on two feet and thus spread terror among the beasts still normally and happily crawling close to the ground through the… Read More

Traveller of the Century

  Many of my readers will know that I am a fan of Andrés Neuman’s writing, and have translated some of his poetry and several of his short stories over the past two years, including for the ‘Best… Read More

Just see where it takes you

  Here at the end of things, a big drop, endless forest. Things fall away. Here at the end of things where the forest is the world. A book falls on my head and I start into wakefulness…. Read More

Waiting for Godot and Caspar David Friedrich

  How wonderful the little connections that pile up in the day to day. Blanco has long had an interest in the German expressionist painters of the early twentieth century, and was interested to learn, while reading about… Read More