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Fictions and Foreigners: Borges and Alastair Reid

The first story I read by Borges, at the age of eighteen, was Tlön, Uqbar, Tertius Orbis. Although the name would have meant nothing to me at the time, the translation was by Alastair Reid. Forty years later,… Read More

The Question

  THE QUESTION  by Tom Pow     How do people live? He was standing two in front of me in W. H. Smith’s and what he wanted to know was, How do people live? He asked the… Read More

How do people live?

  How do we construct a life as we go along? The things we do and say, the actions that make us who we are? Sometimes all of this is bewildering. I look for clues everywhere, including under… Read More

A modest epiphany

      Sometimes a short poem hits the mark, for no particular reason, and without providing any easy way of explaining to others the random pleasure it delivers. I am looking through Postales, an intriguing book of… Read More

Carnival photos

Here are a few pictures from Wednesday’s carnival in Granada, Nicaragua, where The Tears of Disenchantment (or broken-heartedness) were buried, allegedly.                                  … Read More

Burying poverty and misery

  The banner photograph at the top of Blanco’s Blog was taken last year in Granada, Nicaragua at the VII International Festival of Poetry, towards the end of a rather hectic afternoon, on which misery and poverty were… Read More

Who do we think we are?

  The birthday card I received from Mrs Blanco this year shows a partly hidden figure reclining in an armchair, cats in attendance, dwarfed by an enormous bookcase that, it is suggested, continues into the vastness of infinity…. Read More