Carnival photos

Here are a few pictures from Wednesday’s carnival in Granada, Nicaragua, where The Tears of Disenchantment (or broken-heartedness) were buried, allegedly.



Minotaur, checking the layout of things



Orange dancers



Carnival hearse



Mr Tom Pow, poet of Scotland





Mr De'Ath



Trio of Devils



Ron Winkler, poet of Germany



Blanco reads his poem 'Rules of Conduct'



A coven of devils



Rose and Sasja take a breather




Carnival interaction

Brief interaction



Ann Cotten, Poet of Austria



Derek Walcott in carnival carriage



Policewoman with flowers








Devils with coffin





One Comment on “Carnival photos

  1. Rio or Bahia carnivals are more interesting: music is better, people is half naked and you don’t have to hear poetry!


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