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The Question

  THE QUESTION  by Tom Pow     How do people live? He was standing two in front of me in W. H. Smith’s and what he wanted to know was, How do people live? He asked the… Read More

Fiction Fiesta

  We met up in Nick’s bar, The Promised Land, to discuss literature in translation with some friends, editors, writers and such luminaries from the field of literary translation as Christopher MacLehose and Boyd Tonkin, chaired by the… Read More

How do people live?

  How do we construct a life as we go along? The things we do and say, the actions that make us who we are? Sometimes all of this is bewildering. I look for clues everywhere, including under… Read More

Good things about being Welsh: No. 5

    a) Grand Slam. b) Singing and shouting like a loon. c) Soaking it up afterwards.          

  I liked this post form Panfilocastaldi so much that I am re-blogging it. (At least I think I am, not having tried this before). Watch out especially for the Yanko Tsvetkov maps. Hope you enjoy it as… Read More

Odds and ends

Here’s a salutary tale. The past few days Blanco’s Blog has gone viral, thanks to the occurrence in a one-off post last summer – a film review of Hobo with a shotgun – of the word penectomy. Shit,… Read More

Zorba and friends

A joyful retort to the Greek debt crisis. Watch out for the Ottawa Zorba Sweepers at the end. What professionals!                

The past ain’t what it used to be

To Birmingham. On the train I read an article in the London Review of Books about memory and the ways in which we configure the past: our own past, in particular. This is a matter close to my… Read More

Good things about being Welsh: No. 4

  We in Wales are recklessly uninhibited in our fondness for signs. We will put anything on a sign, however nonsensical, and leave it out for all to see. Consider the photograph above, taken on a country road… Read More


Whenever I mention the brother, who is an actual person, and not a figment of my deranged speculation, I am reminded of Myles Na gCopaleen (aka Flann O’Brien, aka Brian O’Nolan) and his famous column in The Irish… Read More

In Praise of Coffee

  Who first thought to pluck the coffee bean from a tree, dry it, do to it the complicated things that need attending to, and brewing a hot cup of the stuff? Like so many other human discoveries,… Read More