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Poems for staying at home (Day 27)

  Today – because ‘it’s the only thing the universe knows how to do’ – a poem about falling, from Argentina’s Beatríz Vignoli. I love the particularity of these lines:  ‘If they tell you that I fell / don’t… Read More

Poems for staying at home (Day 18)

  Today we have a short and apposite poem from Beatriz Vignoli. I have no idea which hotel is referred to by the four asterisks, but the poem always makes me think of the Hotel Castelar in Buenos… Read More

The War of the Idiots

    The War of the Idiots by Beatriz Vignoli (Argentina)   We dynamited the bridge before ever crossing it, the lovely bridge that we built.   The bridge over the river of forgetfulness, it was.   Now… Read More