Rhys Ifans meets Voodoo Mama

I came across this diverting little ad (or spoof ad – I have no idea whether Voodoo Mama chilli sauce really exists: if it doesn’t, then it should) on Anthony Brockway’s always interesting blog Babylon Wales.



If you liked this, here is an even more hilarious real news report from Sky TV concerning Snoop Dogg (or Mister Dogg, as he is clepped in the clip) and one Ian Neale, a champion vegetable grower from Newport. Enjoy. And keep them coming please, Anthony.

2 Comments on “Rhys Ifans meets Voodoo Mama

  1. Hi, Ricardo — I’m enjoying the blog this morning as a means of putting off working for another half hour. Amused to see Snoop Dog (who he? — ed.) and the Welsh gentleman again. Seeing it on the morning news a couple of weeks back was simply the best laugh I’ve had for a good while. The news is very short on them. Anyway, Ricardo, I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in March and to doing my thing in the afternoon and in the wonderfully named Promised Land later. The name is the title of the song I did on the single occasion when I tried karaoke — Chuck Berry’s, as I’m sure you know, and a good example of his excellence as a lyricist. I hope all goes well with the new term etc., All the best, Douglas.


    • Good to hear from you and glad you are enjoying the blog. I am on research leave from January, but certainly hope to attend your reading.
      All best, R


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