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Reasons for his Absence

  Reasons for his Absence by Darío Jaramillo Agudelo (Colombia)   If anyone asks after him, tell them that perhaps he’ll never come back, or else on returning no one will recognise his face; tell them also that he… Read More

Notes from a Catalan village: full circle

We were told some months ago about the boulder in the tree, by Lluís Serrano of Cantallops. So we made an excursion of it, trekked up past the castle of Requessens (of which more in a future blog) and up… Read More

The last days of Antonio Machado

After reading an article by Javier Cercas in El País, we decide to visit Collioure, just over the border in France. I want to visit the cemetery that hosts the earthly remains of Antonio Machado, who crossed over… Read More