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The Surprising Lizard

Walking in the Black Mountains I find a dead lizard, belly-up on the gorse. What is it doing here? It is a surprising lizard. I am walking along a long ridge of moorland, with the Ewyas Valley to… Read More

The Black Heralds

There are some books – and some poets – you come to when you are no longer young, but with a sort of recognition, as though they were travelling companions with whom you share a memory or two,… Read More

Map of Venice

  Here you are in the cerebral cortex, one fictional street leading into another campo of the imagination, the calli lined with deceit, each turning an extenuating circumstance into an invasion of the blind. No rabbit holes, no… Read More

Patagonia, the film

  Imagine my surprise, on a crisp and cloudless day in March this year, sitting down to lunch outside a restaurant in Toledo, when I discovered that the young couple at the next table were speaking Welsh. I… Read More

The Decapitated Counts

The Counts of Besalú and Olot formed a coalition to overthow the Count of Vic and take his lands. After several bloody encounters the hired mercenaries they had employed held out for more pay. The peasant footsoldiers grumbled… Read More

Cartoneros of Buenos Aires

It is not my intention to post a load of poems on this blog, but I am currently working on translations of the Argentinian poet Joaquín O. Giannuzzi (1924-2004). None of his work, as far as I know,… Read More

Stendhal and Borges

In Stendhal’s Charterhouse of Parma the young protagonist, Fabrizio, is locked away in a prison tower, but is able to spy on his beloved through a slit in the shutter as she feeds her birds. His days are… Read More

The Liver Transplant

When I told people I was going to write about my experiences of liver disease and the transplant that followed my terminal diagnosis, it should not have come as a surprise that many readers were interested to hear… Read More

Comparative Literature

While working on a translation, I need to break off to mark some student work. The last piece of writing that I have been translating starts like this: The boy approaches the house. A pathway of larches. Leaves…. Read More

Dionysus and The Doors

From a Facebook posting I learned with horror last week that it was the fortieth anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison. In a misguided attempt to remember what it was I loved about The Doors, the band,… Read More

Borges: 25 years on

In Britain we tend to celebrate the anniversary of the births of famous people: in Argentina it is their deaths that are commemorated. Last month I was asked to contribute a piece for the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarín‘s… Read More

A New Dawn

We’ve all heard that before. But on the day The News of the World ceases to be, Ricardo Blanco’s blog ushers in a new dawn. Don’t you like the symmetry of that? A post-NOTW world sees the blossoming of… Read More