Field of broken dreams

'Neutral' referee Alain Rolland

Here is the man who wrecked the rugby world cup, referee Alain Rolland, wearing his jersey of choice. The French team were utter shite. Sam Warburton’s tackle seemed, at worst, a yellow card. We were robbed of victory by bad refereeing and some unlucky place kicking, but the French were dire and in no way deserve to be world cup finalists. A ludicrous refereeing decision by the half-witted, half-French ref.

But look at this crewage who stopped off for a fag outside the Yoga club opposite The Promised Land. Do they look as if they are here for the yoga?  Do they give a fuck? Should I? Should we? What a day. Oh fallen hopes. Oh crushed dreams. Blanco is bereft.

One Comment on “Field of broken dreams

  1. one of your best blogs (they are all good)
    I listened to the match while gardening – the birds were singing for Wales
    later they sang with their usual sense of eternal chwarae teg.
    As for the photograph — priceless! Imagine the kundalini heights, hatha twists and kama kalpa depths if that single point had veered one compass bearing a little further north west [by north]. As it is, U R right – – the whistle was in the wrong mouth.


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