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Etymology of vagabondage

Taken to task by a reader over the complicated etymology of vagabondage, I realise the need for another post on the subject. In an earlier post I referred to the cirujas of Buenos Aires, otherwise known as cartoneros,… Read More

Plus ça change

  I don’t usually post about politics, but I spotted this on Facebook, and thought it worth sharing. As we hear more every week about waves of parasitic immigrants and social security scroungers who ride on the back… Read More

Three things I learned from Cavafy

For a long time, while I was tramping around southern Europe, escaping the collective embarrassment that was Britain in the 1980s, I carried with me the poems of CP Cavafy. Other books I picked up and discarded along… Read More

Facts about Things

  Omnesia, W.N. Herbert’s new collection of poetry, comes in two volumes, subversively titled Alternative Text and Remix, so as to disabuse the reader of any notion of an ‘original’. The word ‘omnesia’ is a conflation of omniscience and… Read More

A Vagabond

The gentleman depicted here is a vagabond, from the Latin vagari, to wander. In English the term has almost disappeared in its original sense, although a quick internet search identifies the popularity of the term to help sell… Read More

Rabbah bar bar Hannah

At the end of an article by Jonathan Bate in this week’s Times Literary Supplement, I am stunned and rendered desolate by the closing sentence, summarising a story copied into Ted Hughes’ notebook, following Hughes’ regret at having… Read More

High Table

“These suppers take place once a week in the vast refectories of each of the different colleges. The table at which the diners and their guests sit is raised up on a platform and thus presides over the… Read More