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The War of the Idiots

    The War of the Idiots by Beatriz Vignoli (Argentina)   We dynamited the bridge before ever crossing it, the lovely bridge that we built.   The bridge over the river of forgetfulness, it was.   Now… Read More

Notes from a Catalan village: how to greet a stranger

Yesterday morning, returning from a walk with Bruno in bright spring sunshine, I enter the small car park adjacent to the village cemetery. An old and weathered-looking fellow, somewhat twisted in appearance, is limping towards his car, parked… Read More

Creative Nonfiction

  I find a great Paris Review interview in ‘The Art of Nonfiction’ series from  a couple of years ago with Geoff Dyer, who begins by disagreeing with the parameters of his own interview, interrupting the interviewer as follows: INTERVIEWER… Read More