Damnable Brexit



“This may be the last stage of imperialism – having appropriated everything else from its colonies, the dead empire appropriates the pain of those it has oppressed.”

Fintan O’Toole, Heroic Failure: Brexit and the Politics of Pain

Ricardo Blanco’s Blog is not, as a rule, a place in which I vent my political views or biases, but today I will make an exception. As a Welshman and a European, I need to express my rage and grief at what is being foisted on us.

To all those who wallow in the Imperial dream and who seek to re-float that pompous and grandiose vessel and bathe in the simulated splendour of an odious nationalism, and all the rascally villains whose pockets are so well-lined that crashing out of Europe will not harm them, and the sorry and misled millions whose poverty and ignorance led them to vote for damnable Brexit, and all the hatred and racism and violence that has been and will be unleashed by it, I dedicate this day my profoundest contempt and sorrow.




9 Comments on “Damnable Brexit

  1. I guess sooner or later the UK will pay for this. Maybe that will help both Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland people think in the sense of remaining part of a kingdom that does not consider them in equal terms.
    Meanwhile, Europe is weakened as a unit, at a time when Trump in the United States, Puttin in Russia and Li Keqiang in China, rub their hands thinking about the benefits they achieve thanks to Boris Johnson and his people.
    The funny thing, the really interesting thing is that afterwards these guys call more educated and democratic countries “banana republic” maybe because these nations don’t have the luck to have such an illustrious royal family.


  2. Ooh, I wish I had your eloquence! It makes me feel so much better that someone speaks for me too!. I can only wear black and say how grief-stricken I am.

    Judith Robinson

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  3. Richard
    Que desolador y lucido comentario, son tiempos muy convulsivos, éstos que cotidianamente vivimos en este planeta por estos días.
    Cordiales saludos


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